Videojet 1620 Ultra High Speed Continuous Inkjet Printers


The Videojet 1620 Ultra High Speed printers deliver content and quality at the highest
production speeds. Whether you operate at the extremes of packaging line speed or
push the limits on throughput, the Videojet Ultra High Speed (UHS) printers are
designed for your application.
Videojet UHS printers break the compromise between speed and content with markedly
better print quality. With the latest advancements, the UHS printers are engineered to
enable tri-line code applications to be run at today’s typical dual-line speeds.

Product Details


Specification Value
Printheads 1
Inks Dye Based
Maximum Line Speed 508 m/min (1666 ft/min)
Environmental Protection IP65
Maximum Lines of Print 3
Core Life (Maintenance Interval) Up to 14,000 hours
Umbilical Length 3 m (9.8 ft) optional 6 m (19.6 ft)
Message Storage Capacity 250
Smart Cartridge™
Plug and Play Printhead Modules
Communications Ethernet, RS232, RS485
Linear and 2D Bar Codes
Positive Air / CleanFlow™
Expanded I/O Ports and Control
Display (User Interface)


Speed without compromising quality:

  • Videojet’s Precision Ink Drop™ system provides precise character formation, even at the highest speeds and longer throw distances
  • Dynamic Calibration™ adjusts jetting parameters automatically to help ensure high quality print
  • Superior technology enables you to add content without compromising speed
    • Single line max speed = 508 m/min (1666 ft/min)
    • Dual line max speed = 212 m/min (694 ft/min)
    • Tri-line max speed = 179 m/min (588 ft/min)

Engineered for extended runs:

  • CleanFlow™ technology resists ink buildup that can cause ordinary inkjet printers to shut down
  • Long run time between preventative maintenance; up to 14,000 hour core life
  • Internal pump means no external air, minimizing potential for contaminants to enter ink stream
  • Auto cleaning printhead for fast start-ups even after extended shutdowns

No mess, no waste fluid delivery:

  • Make-up consumption as low as 2.4 ml/hour
  • Smart Cartridge™ fluid delivery system to virtually eliminate spills and ensures the correct fluids are being used

Simple Usability via an advanced user interface:

  • Bright display with WYSIWYG and function keys for easy operation
  • User levels to separate operation from installation and maintenance
  • Prompted user fields to help reduce coding errors


  • Beverage
  • Electrical Components and Electronics
  • Extrusion, Wire and Cable
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Other Packed Foods
  • Dairy