jetStamp® 790 MP


The portable handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 790 MP prints quickly and quietly on all even and uneven areas, mobile or stationary. With the MP series of the jetStamp® family, special surfaces such as metal and plastic can also be printed.

Product Details


  • Number, date, time and text in one- and two-line prints
  • Fonts of narrow to wide (max. 20 characters per line,
    max. print width 42 mm)
  • Simple menu guidance through user-friendly LCD display
  • Various prints stored in the stamp
  • Up to 4 individual texts or special functions are possible
  • 25 different prints are stored in the system
  • On request, the 790 MP is also deliverable with 10 freely programmable memory spaces (Marker 10). No stored prints.

Technical Data:

Order No. 790 000-005  (Device incl. quick-drying MP ink for metal and plastics)
Dimensions (L x W x H ): 80 x 96 x 170
Dimensions charging station (L x W x H): 141 x 115 x 36
Weight: approx. 450 g
Character font: max. 20 characters per line
Figure size: 3,2
Line pitch: 4,7
Print technology: inkjet

Sample Prints:

Pos. Sample Prints A ↕
  jetStamp 790 MP; Pos.:  ; 3.2 mm (72dpi) 3.2 mm
Pos. 209 jetStamp 790 MP; Pos.: Pos. 209; 3.2 mm (72dpi) 3.2 mm
Pos. 211 jetStamp 790 MP; Pos.: Pos. 211; 3.2 mm (72dpi) 3.2 mm
Pos. 215 jetStamp 790 MP; Pos.: Pos. 215; 3.2 mm (72dpi) 3.2 mm