Bender ISOSCAN EDS460/EDS461

The insulation fault locators EDS460/490 in combination with the ISOMETER® IRDH575 or the
locating current injector PGH are applied for localising insulation faults in unearthed systems
(IT systems). The locating current signals generated by the insulation monitoring device
IRDH575 or the locating current injector PGH are detected by measuring current transformers
and evaluated by the insulation fault locators. Up to 12 measuring current transformers can be
connected to one EDS460/490. A total of 90 EDS insulation fault locators can be connected via
one RS-485 interface (BMS protocol). Hence, up to 1080 circuits can be monitored.

Product Details


  • Insulation fault location in IT systems
  • For AC, 3AC, DC and IT systems
  • Control and display function in a single device (EDS…-D)
  • 12 measuring channels (circuits) for measuring current transformers of the W, WR, WS series
  • Up to 90 EDS insulation fault locators in the system (1080 measuring channels)
  • Scanning time max. 10 s for all measuring channels (parallel scanning)
  • Response sensitivity EDS460/490 2…10 mA, EDS461/491 0.2…1 mA
  • History memory to store 300 events
  • Two alarm relays with one changeover contact each
  • N/O or N/C operation, selectable
  • Connection external test/reset button
  • Indication via graphical display resp. 7-segment display and alarm LEDs
  • BMS address range 1…90
  • Serial interface RS-485
  • Continuous CT connection monitoring
  • Fault memory behaviour selectable
  • Device version EDS490/491 with one alarm contactor per channel
  • Additional AC residual current measurement


  • Insulation fault location in AC, AC/DC and DC IT systems
  • Main and control circuits in industrial plants and ships
  • Diode-decoupled DC IT systems in power stations
  • Systems for medical locations