About Us

Who We Are

For more than 25 years, VCP TRADING INTERNATIONAL CORP. has been a trusted distributor and importer of spare parts and devices for process, automation, instrumentation, electro-mechanical, and maintenance applications to various leading international and local companies. VCP serves a wide range of industries in the country and proudly works with the best and brightest in the Philippines.

VCP Trading over the years has sustained growth and profitability through the supply of products, services, and solutions to its customers. By no means are these products just intruments to drive sales, but carefully chosen to provide our growth partners value in their businesses. The value of VCP takes a three dimensional approach, whether it is a defined turnkey solution or the simplest of items, our customer-friendly business process, impeccable customer service and support, and sharing of knowledge is at the helm of any engagement.

Three Dimensional Approach

Customer-Friendly Business Process

Customer Service and Support

Anchored on our Core Values of Mastery, Integrity, Care, Excellence, and the relentless desire to serve, our people, the pillars of our company are skilled to find what others can't, and to deliver where others have failed. VCP's business is not just centered on gaining new customers, but on building business relationships that lasts.