Power Cable

Insulation Resistance

The insulation resistance test is a direct current evaluation test of the insulation and gives a reliable indication of the presence of moisture, contamination, or breakdown in the insulation. This test also establishes a benchmark for future comparative tests.

Partial Discharge

PD defined is a localized dielectric breakdown within a small portion of an electrical insulation system under stress of high voltage, which does not bridge the space between two conductors.  Partial Discharge is not yet a complete failure of the insulation, however, it is an indication of what is to come.  PD testing determines the presence, and locates PD activity within a system.

Cable Diagnostics

Upon completion of an insulation resistance test, we can determine and clasify the type of insulation fault a cable has.  If the insulation resistance measurement falls below 100Ω, this is considered a low ohmic resistance fault that can be located by the use of a Time Domain Reflectometer, however if the fault that exists is beyond 100Ω, the fault must then be converted to a low ohmic resistance fault by process of permanent burning, impluse current, or voltage decay

Acoustic Pinpointing

Cable diagnostics and pre-location can provide invaluable data for directly buried cables.  Acoustic pinpointing is possible thru the use of a surge generator and a “ground” microphone pinpointing device to show the exact location of the fault.

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