We deliver a wide range of solutions that transmits power and distributes energy that is designed to evolve along with your enterprise’ components.

Partial Discharge

We provide easy to use yet dynamic design and simulation tools and solutions to greatly reduce costs and maximize benefit.


We offer voltage transformation products and solutions that are specifically designed to ensure economy and efficient energy distribution.

Substation Testing and Maintenance

By implementing the optimum techniques, we can provide long term and efficient operations of your electrical generation and delivery systems through our extensive experience and well-developed solutions.

Insulation Power Factor

Our team can determine and recommend specific measures that provide secure, optimized and cost effective operations.

Electrical System Testing and Preventive Maintenance

We make sure to oversee and develop an electrical system maintenance program that maximizes operation efficiency and greatly reduce downtime.

Online DGA

Globally recognized as the foundation of successful transformer management, we ensure accurate and reliable system that will allow you to confidently operate and extend the life of your critical assets.