Wolke M600 Basic TIJ Printer

The Wolke m600 basic Thermal inkjet printer is engineered for simplicity without sacrificing the industrial design necessary in today’s packaging environments. Suitable for a range of applications and industries, the m600 basic delivers ease-of-use and intuitive operation in a small footprint.


Line speeds are for 600 x 240 dpi. Faster line speeds are possible at lower print resolutions


  • Baked Goods and Cereal
  • Building Materials
  • Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care
  • Candy and Confectionery



Simple operation allows you to focus on production, not the printer:

  • The 5.6 inch color screen allows for up to date print job information
  • Clean operation with genuine HP® cartridges, virtually eliminating spills and mess
  • Industrial design with IP65 controller facilitates line washdown
  • Simple code selection and customer selectable rules prevent human error; all common accessed in five or fewer touches

Uptime Advantage saves money:

  • No wear items or replacement parts outside of inkjet cartridge replacement
  • Simple cartridge changes can occur in less than one minute, with no specialized training

High speed, high resolution printing:

  • Prints code up to 25.4 mm (1 in) high with high resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi
  • Wide range of linear bar codes including common packaging bar code symbologies
  • Maximum line speed of up to 75 m/min (250 ft/min) when printing at exceptional print quality of 600 x 240 dpi (faster speeds available at lower print speeds)

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