VideoJet 3430 CO2 Laser Marking Printer

The Videojet 3430 CO2 Laser Printing System provides best-in-class marking speeds of up to 2,000 characters per second, in an IP65 enclosure. Its exceptional print quality makes it ideal for high throughput applications that require precise coding on high volume, fast moving product.




  • Beverage
  • Wire, Cable and Pipes
  • Salty Snacks
  • Candy and Confectionery



Simple Usability keeps operators focused on production, not on the printer:

  • Large marking field gives the laser more time to code information on moving packages using less power
  • Optimized control software automatically calculates the most efficient way to mark to achieve faster marking speeds
  • Print at speeds up to 2000 characters/sec
  • Maximum line speed of 900 m/min (2950 ft/min)

Uptime Advantage keeps productivity up and costs down:

  • Laser tube designed with larger gas volume and system has optimized air-cooling to provide operational life of over 35,000 hours
  • Bottling applications can achieve up to approximately 60,000 coded bottles per hour when coding on the labels
  • IP65 cabinet with internal fan and water cooling system integrates into harsh environments with minimal maintenance for increased uptime

Well engineered to produce consistent quality regardless of application:

  • Standard extended beam delivery arm simplifies integration into beverage fillers and other filling equipment
  • Multiple beam delivery options for integrating the laser into your packaging or filling equipment to produce the best possible code quality and highest system uptime
  • Multiple communication options designed to help integrate the laser system into many different control systems
  • Optimized laser motion control simplifies the coding of complex information, like 2D bar codes and large amounts of information

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