Power Transformer

Target towards mission-critical facilities in the industrial, manufacturing, and commercial markets, QPS transformers are designed and manufactured to be safe, reliable, and tough. Thanks to QPS’s capability to cater to virtually all customer requirements and specificaitons that complies with international certifications.

Technical Data:

  • Standard Compliance
    IEC 60076
    EN 61558
  • Certifications
  • Primary/Secondary Voltage Range
    Up to 1000V
  • Capacity
    Single Phase 50VA ~ 100KVA
    Three Phase Up to 50VA ~2000KVA
  • Winding Material
    Copper or aluminium
    Polyester enamelled wire 155°C (Class F) & 180°C(Class H)
    Fiberglass wire 180°C (Class H)
  • Silicon Steel
    Good quality, non grained oriented and low loss grained oriented silicon steel.
  • Varnish
    High grade polyester varnish
  • Insulation Class
    Class A,B,F and H
  • Cooling
    Air Cool, dry type louvre
    Ventilation fan cooling
  • Ambient Temperature
    Maximum ambient temperature 40°C
  • Metal enclosure protection class
    Standard IP21( other protection class is available upon request.)

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