Line Reactor

The increase in production demand triggered the onset of technology to provide solutions. Often times these solutions rely on rectification, frequeny variation, voltage conversion to name a few. One such device is the variable speed drive. However, due to the nature of the speed drive, this makes it susceptible to line fluctuations and other power quality issues.

QPS Line Reactors provides an economical solution to ensure protection of variable speed drive installation from a variety of problems. The QPS Line Reactors act as current limiting device as well as filters for electrical noises and harmonics generated from the loads. It is applicable to either the input or the output of the drives.

Technical Data:

Rated Voltage: 3 X 415V
Equal to uk: 4%
Test Voltage: 2500V
Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Current: Refer to table
Degree of protection: IP00
Ambient Temperature: + 40oC

Product Features

  • Reactor core: 0.5mm high grade silicon steel from Japan
  • Windings: 180oC Class H enameled copper wire
  • Bobbin: 155oC Class F reinforced polyester sheet
  • Inter Layer Insulation: 155oC Class F polyester film and nomex paper
  • Varnish: Standard dip varnish coating

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