Bender ISOSCAN EDS3090PG Portable Insulation Fault Locator

The EDS30… is a portable insulation fault location system designed to locate insulation faults in unearthed systems (IT systems). All essential components are housed in a robust aluminium case which is convenient to carry.


  • IT systems without installed insulation fault location system (EDS)
  • EDS3090PG for main circuits up to AC 20…575 V 42…460 Hz, DC 20…504 V with AGE185 up to AC 500…790 V 42…460 Hz, DC 400…960 V
  • EDS3091PG for control circuits up to AC 20…265 V 42…460 Hz, DC 20…308 V
  • EDS3096PG for main circuits in IT systems up to AC 0…575 V 42…460 Hz, DC 20…504 V, with all poles disconnected
  • EDS3096PV for photovoltaic systems with PGH186 up to 20…575 V 42…460 Hz, DC 20…504 V with AGE185 up to AC 500…790 V 42…460 Hz, DC 400…960 V
  • IT systems with installed insulation fault location system (EDS)
  • EDS3090 for main circuits with installed EDS460/490 system
  • EDS3091 for control circuits with installed EDS461/491 system

Product Features

  • Mobile insulation fault location systems for IT systems AC 42…460 Hz 0…790 V/DC 0…960 V or deenergised systems
  • Residual current measurement in TN/TT systems
  • Use in main and control circuits
  • Measuring clamps 20/52 mm (115 mm optional)
  • Robust aluminium case, convenient to carry
  • Test devices PGH18… with variable test current 1…25 mA
  • Integrated test voltage for deenergised systems (PGH186)
  • Insulation fault evaluator EDS195P
  • Backlit LC display, 3 x 16 characters
  • Measuring clamps 20/52 mm included in the scope of delivery
  • Supplied by an accumulator (delivered with a power supply unit)
  • Response value insulation fault location 2…10 mA for main circuits
  • Response value insulation fault location 0.2…1 mA for control circuits
  • Response value residual current measurement 10 mA…10 A
  • Selectable operating mode insulation fault location/residual current measurement

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