The ISOMETER® of the IRDH575 series monitors the insulation resistance of unearthed power supplies (IT systems). It is suitable for universal use in 3(N)AC, AC/DC and DC systems. AC systems may include extensive DC-supplied loads, such as converters or thyristor-controlled DC drives. The IRDH575 in combination with EDS4… series insulation fault locators and the appropriate measuring current transformers is designed to set up the respective equipment for insulation fault location.


  • Insulation resistance monitoring in IT systems
  • Localisation of insulation faults with additional insulation fault locators EDS4…

Product Features

  • Universal application in 3(N)AC, AC/DC and DC IT systems 20…575 V/340…760 V
  • Response range 1 kΩ…10 MΩ
  • Info button for the indication of various parameters and the system leakage capacitance
  • Comprehensive self-monitoring function including system fault alarm relay
  • Internal/external test and reset button
  • Two separate alarm relays, N/C or N/O operation selectable
  • Backlit plain text display 4 x 16 characters
  • RS-485 interface
  • Data memory, disconnection from supply and 0/4…20 mA current output
  • Can be extended to an insulation fault location system for max.1080 circuits
  • Adjustable locating current for insulation fault location
  • Appropriate for EDS4… insulation fault location systems
  • AMP measurement method

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